Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday May 24, 2022

All times in EDT

8:00 Registration Opens


Workshop A: Advancing the Druggable Landscape – Identifying Novel Protein Targets within the Hippo Pathway

Over the past decade, emerging literature has demonstrated the ability to target various high-value proteins within the Hippo pathway. Now, with existing evidence toward successful targeting of the pathway for therapeutic intervention, it is more critical than ever that we evaluate and optimize our ability to identify and drug novel protein targets within this significant signaling pathway. This workshop will take a closer look at the existing genetic screens and methodologies being conducted to identify novel targets within the Hippo pathway, and review future technologies and perspectives which may advance the landscape of druggable targets, and the potential of new proteins for therapeutic intervention.

In this session, we will consider:

  • Existing genetic screens approaches to establish targetable nodes within the Hippo pathway
  • Reviewing efforts toward discovery of novel protein targets
  • Future perspectives for new targets and therapeutic interventions against
    diseases with unmet clinical need, particularly beyond oncology

Workshop Leaders:

Giorgio Galli, Novartis

Giorgio Galli
Associate Director

Olivier Venier, Sanofi R&D

Olivier Vernier
Group Leader, Medicinal Chemistry, Integrated Drug Discovery


Lunch Break & Structured Networking


Workshop B: Targeting the Hippo Signaling Pathway with TEAD Inhibitors – Exploring the Downstream Molecular Mechanisms

With advances in identification of a druggable TEAD pocket, small molecule inhibitors against the Hippo pathway now presents itself as a modality with huge potential. With this critical insight, it is important that we understand the molecular mechanisms downstream of TEAD inhibitor activity and consider how this effects subsequent disease activities such as tumour growth. This workshop will dive into the existing literature exploring the molecular mechanisms downstream of TEAD inhibitors and consider the importance of capturing the downstream cellular changes to guide successful therapeutic intervention.

In this session, we will consider:

  • The current landscape of small molecule TEAD inhibitors for therapeutic intervention
  • Understanding and knowledge of the YAP/TAZ upstream signals and downstream responses
  • What does this mean for future therapies against the Hippo pathway and can this information be leveraged to guide successful drug development and translation into patient

Workshop Leader:

Xu Wu, Harvard

Xu Wu
Associate Professor
Massachusetts General Hospital,
Harvard Medical School


Srinivas Vinod Saladi
Assistant Professor
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Harvard Medical School