Bob Varelas

Bob Varelas

Company: Boston University

Job title: Professor


Deciphering the Context of YAP/TAZ Signaling Across Diverse Cells & Tissues in Vivo 12:00 pm

Leveraging molecular and genetic insights to elucidate further understanding of transcriptional regulators, YAP and TAZ Spotlighting limitations of in vitro models of disease through in vivo data Interrogating genomic data for insight into clinical biomarkers and therapy targetsRead more

day: Conference Day Two

Panel Discussion: Harnessing YAP/TAZ as an Alternative to Modulating TEAD: What More Needs to be Done? 10:00 am

What are the key events leading to YAP/TAZ activation Should we activate YAP/TEAD by directly binding it or through inhibiting upstream targets including the hippo signaling pathway ? What’s the merit of either approach? What are the current limitations of these molecules and potential ways to improve them? What are the potential liabilities/concerns with modulating…Read more

day: Conference Day Two

Workshop B – Advancing Discovery of Novel Protein Targets Upstream of the Hippo Pathway 12:00 pm

Emerging literature has demonstrated the ability to target numerous proteins within the Hippo pathway and as evidence toward successful targeting of the pathway for therapeutic intervention grows, it is essential that we evaluate and optimize our ability to identify and drug novel protein targets within Hippo to capitalize on this ‘soon to be’ druggable pathway.…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day

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