About 2022 Event

Leveraging TEAD, YAP & TAZ to Control Transcriptional Outputs

Built with biopharmaceutical industry insights, this is a first-edition forum dedicated to uniting the leading minds of industry and academia dedicated to drugging the Hippo pathway.  

As a widely valuable signaling pathways for intervention across oncology, regenerative medicine and beyond, the Hippo Pathway Targeted Drug Development Summit will unite a global community of experts to debate how we can accelerate the mechanistic understanding and potentials of the Hippo signaling pathway to enhance the discovery, translation, and clinical development of safe and effective drugs. 

Tailored to showcase the latest innovations and novel data, join this exclusive community to engage in discussions on the critical bottlenecks within the industry and unleash the full potential of this critical signaling pathway.  

5 Key Reasons to Attend

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Innovative Case Studies & Data-Driven Presentations to develop a better understanding of the Hippo pathway and advance successful therapeutic interventions, with insights from Vivace Therapeutics, SpringWorks Therapeutics & Genentech

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Discussions into how to Streamline the Successful Translation of Candidates through the clinic
and share effective insights to augment ideal patient selection with insights from Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inventiva Pharma & Sanofi R&D

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Thought Leaders Benchmarking Various Approaches & High-Value Modalities to drug the Hippo pathway, from small molecules and other novel methods to drug the TEAD complex with insights from AstraZeneca & BridGene Therapeutics

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Interactive Learning Sessions Delving into Selectivity & Toxicity of TEAD, YAP, TAZ & other targets as a promising therapeutic with insights from Merck Healthcare KGaA & Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

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Learn, Debate & Discuss the Value of Leveraging Crosstalk of the Hippo pathway with associated
pathways such as RAS, EGFR and PI3K to optimize therapies and overcome resistance with insights from A*STAR, Sanofi & The Cleveland Clinic