Inhibiting TEAD and Modulating YAP/TAZ to Influence Transcriptional Outputs

Built with biopharmaceutical industry insights, this is the only forum in 2023 led by the brilliant minds of industry and academia dedicated to drugging the Hippo pathway.

As a widely valuable signaling pathways for intervention across oncology, regenerative medicine and beyond, the 2nd Hippo Pathway Targeted Drug Development Summit will unite a global community of experts to debate how we can accelerate the mechanistic understanding and potentials of the Hippo signaling pathway to enhance the discovery, translation, and clinical development of safe and effective drugs.

Tailored to showcase the latest innovations and novel data, join this exclusive community to engage in discussions on the critical bottlenecks within the industry and unleash the full potential of this critical signaling pathway.

Key Benefits of Attending

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 Acquire in-person updates from senior representatives from the only companies in the field currently in clinic; Vivace, Novartis and Ikena Oncology


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Harness the newfound potential of YAP/TAZ modulation as an alternative to traditional TEAD inhibition with insight from YAP Therapeutics and Bob Varelas

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Debate and discuss the current need for new Hippo-specific biomarker discovery and development for identification of both responders and drug efficacy during SpringWorks’ roundtable session

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Expand your current Hippo Pathway-targeting arsenal with fresh insight from the field of targeted protein degradation as Head of Chemistry and Beactica AB divulge data from their novel PROTAC

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Bolster the potential of your Hippo pipelines by gathering knowledge on future methodologies for the field, such as TEAD lipidation approach used at Stanford